Advertising Magnetic Stickers

Advertising Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers that we often say are the rubber magnets with coated paper, synthetic paper, PVC or other printed paper. The surface can be printed with 4-color offset printing or silk screen printing and can be covered by PP waterproof membrane layer matte or light film. They are usually of thickness from 0.5mm-1.0mm and can be printed with anything such as advertising information. These magnetic stickersrong can be affixed to the home refrigerators, water dispensers, car and so on any iron or metal surface.

Custom advertising Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic stickers are an alternative to bumper stickers. Bumper stickers fade and melt away in the elements, leaving a sticky mess on a vehicle. This is unappealing for vehicle resale. Magnetic stickers allow a business, band, or individual to show their colors without damaging the vehicle.

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Wholesale Magnetic Stickers

We offer wholesale magnetic fridge stickers and magnetic vehicle sign stickers for cars, trucks, and vans with low minimum purchase required! Visit our product page to get started. Your customized business magnetic sticker imprinted with your business information can allow you to stand out in your particular niche in the market to customers new and old.

 magnetic fridge stickers

 magnetic fridge stickers magnetic stickers als promo gadgets





Advertising Magnetic Stickers Manufacturer

We are magnets supplier and manufacturer producing high quality promotional magnets at a great wholesale price with professional service to businesses worldwide. We are a well-established, reliable, professional company that offers our customers the ability to easily access a massive range of custom magnet crafts made by rubber magnet including car magnet, refrigerator magnet and crafts with magnets to meet your need.

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